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      Flexi Paste Stencil Mix


More Ways to Use Flexi Paste.

This is another exciting area we bring you, with the help of Raz and Leanne we bring you the workshop on Stencilling!!!!! Stencil Mix (Agar)
120g x Boiling water
  10g x Agar (seaweed gelatin)
100g x Flexi powder
  20g x Cornflour
  20g x Icing sugar Method:
  • Place all your dry ingredient in a beaker shape for example a Pyrex measuring jug is perfect
  • Place agar gelatin in another Pyrex jug and add boiling water and mix until dissolved
  • Pour  the Agar water into the dry mix and beat until light and fluffy, this mix is more like a paste and is an off white colour, if you want it whiter then add Wilton's White Liquid adding a few drops to the water. If your stencli is going to be coloured then add the desired colour to the water as well
  • If the mix is too thick, just loosen with some water, not too much. It will still set so dont worry  

How to Use Flexi Paste for Stencilling - This is Raz and her words, how Cool!!!!! Raz used the recipe above to make the mix for my stencil design to go on the wedding cake that is featured below. 
  • Prepare your paste as per recipe. Make sure it’s of a spreadable consistency by adding a little more hot water and beating through. I found that I needed to loosen the mix up with hot water every 5 minutes or so as agar makes it dry up quickly.
  • Prepare several zip lock bags by cutting the zip off and opening the sides up so it bag folds out bigger and can accommodate large stencil design.
  • Spray bag surface with veg oil then clean up with chux twice using another clean chux the 2nd time to wipe off oil residue (you don't want oil residue as the mix won’t stick to the bag, you want to feel it not see it).
  • To secure your bag to the bench you can moisten the bench before applying bag to it. Then lay your stencil on to the plastic, smear the flexi paste over (I used a plastic card as it was the perfect size).....
  • Ensure that only the stencil gaps are filled (thin layer goes along way!!). If you have small little air dots on your work, use a clean scraper and dip in some water and run over the top of stencil, when happy -
  • Peel off the stencil and let agar dry (1-2hrs) under the sun or a dry warm area.
  • Prepare several samples. I needed 3 for my cake so I prepared 6 in total, just encase.
  • Once dry, use the ‘spare’ test stencil to see if it’s dry enough and will peel off easily.
  • Wet a clean chux with water and only wipe/ wet the area you want to stencil over the cake only. This will vary from one cake to another, mine needed lots of water, but not dripping!!
  • Adjust your stencilled strips so if you hang them from the top edge of the cake they would sit exactly where you want them to go. Just mark the bag and cut to the right height. So much easier than aligning from bottom up!
  • I used medical tape to attach the stencilled bags onto the top edge o the cake. If you mis-aligned your stencil, don’t be afraid to adjust it, I did several times and didn’t have any colour bleeds!!
  • Run your smoother several times with light pressure over the design then peel off.
  • I also used my fondant pointy tool every now and then to encourage the edge of the design to stick to the fondant...... lots of patience!- Once your designed is transferred onto the cake, there is no need to wait. You can decorate the rest of your cake immediately!!
  • Any left-over mix keeps in an airtight container in the fridge. Just add boiling water to loosen it up before beating for the next time you need to use it!
  • Enjoy we hope you found this tutorial useful.

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